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Experimental Protocol
Center + Surround Movie (9 s)
Center Movie (9 s)
Owl's Complex Cell Responses
(extracellular activity)
Center + Surround stimulation increases activity of the cell, contrary to results in primates. But sparseness also increase, as results in other animal models.
Movie clips were extracted from BBC WildLife Documentaries. We used two methods to estimate the size of the center, one Manual and the other with Gratings.
(in preparation)
Modulation Rate is the Center + Surround Rate Response divided by Center Rate Response. (5x) and (4x) are the relative size of the Surround to the Center.
cell nsp020
Modulation Rate and Sparseness
                                              red line = 1  
green mark = statistically significant   

Complex Cell Center Surround

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