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Global Changes in Connectivity due to Attention

Experimental Protocol
Mathematical Analysis
1. There is much less Increase in FC for Attention and much more Decrease while for the Stimulus contrast we have a widespread Increase and a slightly smaller Decrease. 
2. If you look carefully, you will see that the seeds are not random. On Attention Summary plot with Increase in FC there are several, the majority, of Dorsal Attention Network seeds, which are related to Top-Down Attention. 
3. If you compare the Decrease in Attention with the Increase in Stimulus you will find out that there are several seeds that are present on both plots. So, those seeds in clusters where there is an Increase due to Stimulus are almost the same for those that have a Decrease due to Attention. And on the other two plots the seeds are different. 
4. The Increase due to Stimulus is present on all AAL parcels, while the Increase due to Attention is more concentrated in fewer parcels.
5. The Decrease due to Attention is very strong in almost all clusters, the strength of Decrease in FC is very big for everybody, while on the Decrease due to Stimulus the strength is less prominent.
6. The Increase due to Attention has a few hubs, based on FC strength. Particularly Insula-R. On the Increase due to Stimulus, there is a prominence in FC strength on subcortical areas. 
(in preparation)
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